What’s in your Medicine Cabinet?

How much do you know about the medicines in your cabinet? Do you know the side effects of the food you eat? What about the cleaning products you use in your house? Are you aware that there are chemicals in the personal care products that also have side effects?

Personally I have decided I am better off with less ‘chemicals’ in my life. So one by one, I have eliminated products that contain certain chemicals and replacing them with products that are ‘chemical’ free! I have already replaced the cleaning products in my home, my personal care products and I am working on my supplements. I no longer take over the counter medication for pain, nausea, and indigestion. Thankfully I have not been prescribed medication by a physician.

On this website I will discuss research and findings that will keep you informed about how your body might react to substances that are foreign and what long term effects may not be known. This will include substance that are added to processed food that are listed by number and even some foods we thought were good for us that may not be!

I intend to provide information here that will help you choose what ‘chemicals’ you are happy to keep in your life and which ones you want to eliminate. You get to choose. I am just the messenger. Feel free to leave your feedback, what’s in your medicine cabinet, questions or comments below. This is a site for YOU!


    • Hi Misti,
      Glad you like what you see and glad to meet you as well. Feel free to return often as I intend to be adding content frequently.
      Thanks for your participation!

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