Pushing The Limits

Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made

We have bodies that are wonderfully made with amazing abilities both physical and mental. Every tiny particle has consciousness and should be nurtured. I believe it’s important to know as much about what our bodies need as possible so we can make the most of its capabilities.

From conception our bodies start to develop systems to cater for every function our bodies will perform. A system for blood circulation, carrying oxygen and fuel to every cell. One for cleansing blood and eliminating spent and unwanted materials. Another for processing information and operating all these systems. Structure and strength systems for physical activity. Production of blood and other useful body fluids. We have a digestive system, circulatory or cardiovascular, lymphatic and respiratory systems, skeletal and muscular systems, endocrine and immune systems, nervous system, urogenital system which includes urinary and reproductive, even our skin is a system called integumentary and we have a system called excretory which removes and eliminates waste or exhaust. That’s a pretty extensive list of things that could go wrong with your body if you don’t look after it.

These systems work together as well as separately. They all effect each other and back each other up. If your respiratory system is compromised it can effect your circulation or cardiovascular system. Your digestive system can effect your whole body. Constipation can give you a headache and an overloaded liver can cause skin problems. There are many more examples of one system affecting another. There is much to learn!

Useful Machine

Useful Machine

When you spend money on a machine that is useful to help you get things done you have to read the manual and learn how to use it properly and look after the moving parts so it lasts as long as possible. You don’t want to have to spend money on a new one until you have to. Your body is a gift that is designed to look after itself as long as you don’t sabotage it.

So how do you learn what to do to help your body perform tasks to our expectation without breaking down? There is so much information on the internet these days and no way to tell if you can trust what it’s telling you. Who do you listen to and where is the best place to go for accurate information?

Babies cry because they are in need of food or comfort. Mothers learn to decipher their cries and provide what they need. This connection between mother and baby is not taught or read about in books, it’s instinctive. Did you know that your body knows what is good for it and all you need to do is learn to interpret what it’s saying. You get a tickle in your throat, you must have upset the balance somewhere along the line. Don’t go blaming the person at work or family member with a cold or flu that you “caught” it off.

Let me explain. A tiny egg becomes a zygote, a blastocyst then an embryo that develops organs and limbs along with the systems I have already mentioned to become a little person. Do you think the egg read books and sat in classes to learn how to grow into a person? Our bodies are designed to know what to do. Have you ever noticed that the more junk food you eat the more you want? That is because the balance in your body has been disrupted and it has momentarily forgotten what is good for it. The longer you continue to eat junk food the harder it is for your body to remember what it really needs. If you want it to remember what’s good for it you need to change the pattern.

Clean Healthy Food

Clean Healthy Food

Mum eats nutritious healthy ‘clean’ food and drinks water and fresh juice throughout pregnancy and while breast feeding and baby is most likely to be healthy and well. Once solid food is introduced and mum continues to provide the same nutritious food and drink without caving to society’s craving for sugar and processed empty calories and the child will continue to be healthy.

Problem is, our bodies are so carefully made that we are able to deviate from the healthy a lot before there are any significant signs that anything is wrong. We start to feel a little tired or under the weather or we “catch” a cold. We put this down to something we ate, having a late night, even age but we don’t for a minute think that it might be the pattern we have created from poor nutrition and empty calories. Gradually we get slack and careless about the fuel our bodies need and we wonder why we suddenly feel tired and sluggish and the doctor tells us to lose weight or we will end up with diabetes or heart disease or some other life threatening condition.

This is where we end up on medication for this or that condition that we have allowed our bodies to develop by our ignorance. Learn what your body needs and make sure you provide it! Be in charge of your health and wellness. Don’t leave it for your doctor to figure out once you are already sick. You live with your body everyday and know what you are giving it for fuel. Your doctor only sees you for 10 minutes every once in a while and has to go by what you tell him and what the tests reveal.

Speaking of tests and results, over the years the blood results from various tests have been used to calculate a “normal range” and these change over time because the overall health of everyone is declining. So if your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong and that you are just “getting older” do yourself a favour and get a second opinion. If the second opinion is the same go for a third and fourth until you find someone who will help you find a cause for your symptoms.

There is another aspect of our being that can effect our health. We can have a healthy lifestyle and avoid all the things that break our immunity and still get sick. What am I talking about? You have a control centre that keeps everything working together in your body the way it should. Your brain has a job to do that needs clarity and energy and what you feed your brain can have huge effects on your body’s functions. Oxygen is an important part of keeping your brain doing its job to capacity. Foods like green capsicum help oxygenate the blood and hence deliver more oxygen to the brain.

Challenge Your Thinking

Challenge Your Thinking

It is possible, however, to feed your brain with all the nutrition it needs to function properly and then throw in a whole lot of toxic thinking and all that nutrition will be compromised. Be careful what you allow to infiltrate your mind. Everything you go through during a day is processed while you sleep. If you have not deliberately filtered everything you have allowed in your subconscious will work out what it thinks it means. You won’t even realise that you have formulated beliefs that you didn’t choose to believe.

Besides this, many of our beliefs are formulated by the things we grew up hearing from adults and we had no choice but to believe what we were told. As adults we can choose to challenge these beliefs and change the way we process events that we experience. It is our beliefs that determine how we react to these events. Your mind is powerful. Your emotions are dependent on your thinking. Your body will react to your emotions. Your healthy nutritious lifestyle will be effected by these reactions and cause wellness or sickness. What do you choose? It’s up to you!

Watch what you think about, be careful what you watch, make sure you process consciously before you sleep and deliberately work out what thoughts you want to chuck out and what will be useful. You can do this by writing at the end of the day what you got out of today and what you plan to get out of tomorrow. You don’t have to keep it, just write it and rip it up. Your subconscious will obey you. If you keep your subconscious informed as to what you want it will have no choice but to conspire to get you what you want. A classic example of mind over matter. This is not a myth or an old wives tale! It is possible to change your life by changing your mind.

Here are some ways to make sure your amazing body will perform at peak for as long as possible:

  • Keep your food clean – nothing processed – and mostly raw. There are some really nice ways to ramp up a salad to make it amazing to eat.
  • Drink plenty of water – preferably filtered – and fresh juice. Herbal teas are also great to keep hydrated.
  • Filter what your brain keeps and throws out before you sleep so you have control of your thinking. You can control your mind so when it comes down to mind over matter it’s you in the driver’s seat not your subconscious influenced by a whole lot of other people.
  • Check your emotional health on a regular basis – what are you thinking? Challenge your beliefs to make sure your thinking is helpful not harmful.
  • Find ways to nurture your emotions so you don’t melt down. Take time out, meditate (this just means take time to be quiet, still and aware of your breathing and posture – nothing weird), take a walk or go for a run, read something that helps you rethink your beliefs.
  • Remember, health is a choice. Aging is inevitable – getting old is optional. Be the Chief Energy Officer of your mind, body and spirit.
Take Control!

Take Control!

So if you look after your body and your mind, they will look after you! Just because our bodies and minds are strong and resilient doesn’t mean we should push the limits and risk losing our wellness, purpose and abundance. Implementation of knowledge is the key to keeping optimal health and longevity. Take control!

What’s in your Medicine Cabinet?

How much do you know about the medicines in your cabinet? Do you know the side effects of the food you eat? What about the cleaning products you use in your house? Are you aware that there are chemicals in the personal care products that also have side effects?

Personally I have decided I am better off with less ‘chemicals’ in my life. So one by one, I have eliminated products that contain certain chemicals and replacing them with products that are ‘chemical’ free! I have already replaced the cleaning products in my home, my personal care products and I am working on my supplements. I no longer take over the counter medication for pain, nausea, and indigestion. Thankfully I have not been prescribed medication by a physician.

On this website I will discuss research and findings that will keep you informed about how your body might react to substances that are foreign and what long term effects may not be known. This will include substance that are added to processed food that are listed by number and even some foods we thought were good for us that may not be!

I intend to provide information here that will help you choose what ‘chemicals’ you are happy to keep in your life and which ones you want to eliminate. You get to choose. I am just the messenger. Feel free to leave your feedback, what’s in your medicine cabinet, questions or comments below. This is a site for YOU!